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Gallery Page 1

Unpainted Hasbro Figures

One sprue of ten unpainted lightweight figures to paint up into your favorite team colours.



ISF Grading
new item


C109 Playing Cloth

A late 60's ? example of the classic Subbuteo playing cloth. Made from 100% man-made nylon and shows very little signs or wear. There is some minor creasing which will probably iron out, some food stains and a small cigarette burn which won't really hinder play. The pitch will be delivered in a strong postal tube for protection.


UK postage £7 / Europe £12 / Rest of the World £17.80

ISF Grading
team: mint-
box: unboxed

Set NN
Two Smaller Goals

Unboxed early classic goals that need only a small amount of attention. The back bar on one has been successfully repaired with blu-tack and the other has a post missing, but still stands perfectly and actually improves the way the net hangs I feel. Ideal for the professional set-up.


Ken Baily Figure

A rare and much desired figure from the C.114 mascot and bench set. It is thought that this figure had quite a low production run of about three and a half million and in common with the odd few that do turn up these days, Ken has lost his rattle. There is also a small amount of damage to his head and left arm - although this doesn't really detract from the figure itself. The paint is still very good.


inc. UK postage

ISF Grading
item: Excellent+
Box: unboxed

h/w Reference 41

Excellent to near mint rare heavyweight team with only a few rubs on the shirts in the high relief areas. No breaks or glues, but one has an arm missing and one has come out of it's base (easily repaired). Some bases / lettering don't match but think this was common as Subbuteo was hand made in domestic front rooms during the early years. White h/w goalkeeper on wire which has been painted to match the team so not original. The late 60's or early 70's box with small logo is torn slightly on all four corners and has Liverpool in Dymo tape on the lid and to one end.


inc. UK postage

ISF Grading
team: near mint
box: excellent-

Modified C101 New Style Floodlights
Set A - Two Pylons

A recently modified set of near mint 1970's floodlights. The original light heads and small bulbs have been totally replaced with the much more powerful and modern 60w bulbs giving around 900% more light per pylon. Although I have configured the lights to work off two AAA type batteries via wiring from a mobile phone hands free kit, the lights can probably be used in conjunction with the official Subbuteo mains adapter kit without any problems, but this is untested. Plans and instructions will be available soon at a nominal cost to make your own.


inc. UK postage

ISF Grading
new item

C110 T.V. Tower

A boxed mint TV Tower with only one very small fault being that it has been hit by a stray air gun pellet. The entry and exit holes on the box are clean and do not disfigure any of the text on the packaging. The tower has taken slight collateral damage and the bottom half has been hit on the steel girder sections but doesn't affect the sturdiness at all. Both figures and all electrical equipment have survived the missile and appear to be undamaged.


h/w Reference 49

Extremely hard to find team on the ultra rare all gold bases that was probably only made for about a year at the end of the sixties using the classic heavyweight figure. Some wear to the knees, but all players are sound with no breaks, numbers on the backs or glues. The original box with plastic slide out tray is mint except for a sticker to one end which says Dundee and a number 196... possibly a mix up at the factory and the team got put in the wrong box? Nice violet keeper on plug style fixing.


ISF Grading
team: near mint
box: mint

Reproduction Team Box
Exclusively from Little Plastic Men

Now you can house your treasured collection in these stylish reproduction team boxes at an affordable price! Based on the original design team boxes from the late 1960's and constructed from environmentally friendly reclaimed Baby Sweetcorn boxes that I got from work. Please read the endorsements below on what customers have said about this top selling item (boxes require some self assembly)


£8.00 each or £700 per 100
plus £2.40 registered UK postage, postage free on 1x100 wholesale carton

ISF Grading
new item

"... I can now get rid of all those ugly written on and torn boxes, thanks Plastic Men"
A. Reese, Merseyside

"... to be honest, I couldn't tell the difference when I stacked them against the Subbuteo Originals"
Hue Stanley-Braithwait, Isle of Mann

"... Can you do MUNICH !! boxes to the same standard !!"
T. Watingham
(Yes we can Mr. Watingham and were working on them right now !!)

"... Jeg elsker De Liten plastMenn, mange takk og pengene er i posten"
Corcan Vammer, Norway

"... Can you do a special Axleford City named UEFA Cup named team box for me?"
Dominic Archer King, Tilbury, Essex
(sorry Dominic of Tilbury, no, there aren't any plans to release special named boxes at this stage)

h/w Reference 113

A rare team and a great find in this condition. Players have little sticky numbers (easily removed) on the bases, but none painted on the backs, there is some superficial wear to knees and noses. The box is missing the 113 reference sticker and has a big piece of insulating tape to one end covering a previous team name and Israel written on the top. The inner tray is sadly quite battered and has names of famous Israeli footballers like Clarke, Lorimer, Hunter and Madeley in biro. Capped keeper is repaired at the ankles.


inc. UK postage

ISF Grading
team: mint-
box: mint-

1973 Subbuteo Sound CD

Very rare 1973 Compact Disc version of the Subbuteo Sound 7" single. This is thought to have been given out only to directors of the company as a special gift from the record company after it sold one million copies and this is the only known example in existence. Interestingly, the CD features an enhanced section which can be played on your home PC (Windows 98 or higher) which features the video, The Tunbridge Wells Dance Mix, The House Edit featuring DJ CoolNuts and an interactive game all of which didn't feature on the simultaneously released 45rpm version. For a full track listing and list of enhanced features see below.

1. Subbuteo Sound (side A)
2. Subbuteo Sound (side B)

enhanced section
1. Quick Time Video Player (version 4.1)
2. Video to The Subbuteo Sound
3. The Tunbridge Wells Dance Mix (11:36)
4. The House Edit featuring DJ CoolNuts (7:24)
5. Photo Gallery of Subbuteo Staff Members
6. 1972/73 Interactive Subbuteo Price List and order form
7. Win a Trip to the Munich World Cup Finals (digital entry form with web link)
8. Interactive Game - Spot the Ball (requires 128mb of RAM and compatible soundcard)
9. Bonus Feature - Tunbridge Wells Tourist Guide


Free UK postage on this item

ISF Grading
item: mint
sleeve: mint

Original Heavyweight team reference 42

Original heavyweights in nice condition considering their age (pre 1969) with light playwear to the shirts. There are some neat repairs to the ankles on only about 9 of the players, small handpainted numbers on the backs which could be easily rubbed off with petrol or similar if required and also numbers in biro to the bases which look quite nice. One figure has sadly lost an arm and two are probably from a different set as the bases don't quite match. The keeper is glued at the ankles and the original wire rod has been replaced with a longer rats tail file to give a better reach during play (This is the correct keeper for the set and is not overpainted) - of no major importance, but worth mentioning is that a couple of the bases rattle. The box isn't torn on one corner and there has been no taping to the others, there is a small amount of writing on the lid. The reference sticker is missing but someone has written '42' and Chelsea in various places. The inner tray is good with players names written neatly in biro and some ripping across the holes. If the replacement long rod is a problem on the goalie, I can replace him with a later green handle type if required free of charge.


inc. UK postage

ISF Grading
team: Excellent-
box: Excellent+

Green and Tan Grandstand

Original green and tan grandstand in mint condition apart from some minor warping on the side supports where it has been stored next to a boiler in a loft. Although I haven't tried, I'm sure it will fit together OK. The stand has no glue marks where spectators used to be and all stickers are still attached firmly, it is unboxed and just needs a light dusting. As an added bonus I've included a sitting spectator waving his arms about and a rare spectator on foot using an early 1980's mobile phone complete with the battery pack, headphones and a whip aerial. The item will be sent flat packed.


inc. UK postage

ISF Grading
item: mint-
box: n/a

h/w Reference 61
***Rare Original Version***

Impossible to find first version of a reference 61 in the numbered box. The player is mint as shown and a great addition to any serious collection. All other figures are similar and some do carry light repairs, but nothing too serious when weighed up against the rarity of the team. Please note, I cannot be held responsible for damages caused in the post on this item as it's so rare that it's practicably uninsurable, but it will be posted in a strong jiffy bag.


inc. UK postage

ISF Grading
team: sold as seen
box: mint



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